Drastic reduction in dead time.

Persico Automotive has developed EcoCover, a new spray skin process that achieves amazing results in a wide range of colours. It can even create faux stitching!

During the EcoCover process, a release agent is first applied to the mould.
Then, using in-mould coating, the paint is sprayed on, followed by a polyurethane (PU) material. The technique creates lightweight leather-like skins and allows for design freedom and extremely small positive radii. Thanks to the PU, the pieces have a pleasant feel and do not become brittle at low temperatures. Additional benefits of the process are very long tool life, material savings and lower energy usage.

Persico offers full production systems for dashboard instrument panels. In addition to the EcoCover process, we can provide skin cutting SYSTEMS, back-foaming TOOLS (in partnership with WIS Tooling) and TOOL CARRIERS, and punching tools and machines.

Persico Automotive has collaborated with Hennecke GmbH on testing the innovative EcoCover process.